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Jan 13 checking-in after weekend

Personal Journal — Thankin’ Thoughts 2019

Personal Journal — Longing

Personal Journal — Thoughts on Longevity

Personal Journal — Dry cleaning dilemma, etc.

Personal Journal – 3/4/2019

Personal Journal – March 2019 Begins

Things got a little nutty last May

A clip of me performing a character, Lipreader Guy, at a club The Pond in Franklin, TN (Brad Sativa was host).  This was last May. I was one of a handful of bucket list performers between more established local acts. I write standup material and enjoy performing that, but have the most fun when I can be a nut on my own terms. This guy was some sort of dweebed out single dad.

Episode 5 — Belmont University

This is my conversation with Nashvillians Todd Colburn, Eddy Boer, and Andy Harding.  I’ve known them since I first moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University in 1993.  We met within the first two weeks of showing up – all four of us from different states beyond Tennessee.  For reasons both clear and then also somewhat mysterious (and still unfolding) – after August 1993, we’ve never not been close.  I love these guys.

This is a personal episode – and I believe it holds stories worth sharing.  This interview focuses primarily on our earliest memories of arriving at Belmont and living in Nashville as young men.

More information on this episode’s guests.  Each are worth checking out.

Todd Colburn

Eddy Boer

Andy Harding

Taken on August 23, 2015, at Geoff’s place in Music Row/Edgehill area of Nashville.  None of us has a selfie stick.  


Introduction – one minute audio preview

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