A.I. Open Mic @ Kasukabe’s (Each Monday)

If you go far enough down Nolensville Road in Nashville, you’ll see Kasukabe’s, a hole in the wall club open a few nights a week – and recently, Mondays. You might remember the spot as a sushi restaurant in the early 2000s — long before the “boom” in comic talent erupted from the artificial intelligence underworld.

These “A.I. Mondays” are now the exclusive domain of machine-humorists. Thank goodness the beer specials are unusually affordable, as the humans in the room wouldn’t attend otherwise.

Not long ago was one robot who “drank,” MellaTRON. They’d to hold liquid up to their …mouthhole and pour it into the orifice, of course making a mess. MellaTRON got laughs, though has been MIA for several months.

The nightly host you hear is Ietta X. She may be the conscience of the whole thing. Enjoy this audio Ietta recorded through the soundboard via Bluetooth — onto her own hard drive. Isn’t she great?