Time Slips

I briefly check in with life in these insane times. I also play some inspired paranormal podcast audio excerpts.

Should this be perceived as a man broadcasting from the end of his rope — or the beginning of his transcendence? Both? Both.

I used a clip of the amazing Jim Harold’s Campfire in this podcast — the link to this full episode is here https://jimharold.com/the-boy-who-time-traveled-campfire-483/

Also, Bedtime Stories podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/s06e16-trains-planes-and-time-slips/id1193651650?i=1000486197557

Both of the above are much worth subscribing to.

The outro music at the end is something I whipped together a few months back from found audio taken from a random microcassette I obtained – and then my love of loops and beats. The doctor here is leaving a voice message for the patient (whom he has phoned) re: he/she having a medical procedure completed – although he somehow now knows the patient is nervous about it and has ‘cold feet.’ I mean, that’s what I determined anyway.

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