Episode 6 — Standup Comedy at the Wild Goose Festival

A field recording of the stand-up set of Geoff Little at the Wild Goose Festival (Hot Springs, NC) from July 14, 2017.

Episode 5 — Belmont University

This is my conversation with Nashvillians Todd Colburn, Eddy Boer, and Andy Harding.  I’ve known them since I first moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University in 1993.  We met within the first two weeks of showing up – all four of us from different states beyond Tennessee.  For reasons both clear and then also somewhat mysterious (and still unfolding) – after August 1993, we’ve never not been close.  I love these guys.

This is a personal episode – and I believe it holds stories worth sharing.  This interview focuses primarily on our earliest memories of arriving at Belmont and living in Nashville as young men.

More information on this episode’s guests.  Each are worth checking out.

Todd Colburn

Eddy Boer

Andy Harding

Taken on August 23, 2015, at Geoff’s place in Music Row/Edgehill area of Nashville.  None of us has a selfie stick.  


Episode 4 — Jen Shinall

It was my pleasure to recently sit down with Jen Shinall.

She is a Hot Yoga Plus yoga instructor and assistant professor of law at Vanderbilt University Law School (from where she also graduated with a dual JD-PhD Law and Economics program degree).

I’d taken many yoga classes from Jen over the last few years.  I appreciated her many insights as a yoga teacher, but found myself curious about additional elements of her life experience.  I asked if she might want to put a podcast interview together.  She graciously agreed.  We chatted it out last week on an especially hot Nashville summer afternoon.  (You know it’s hot when the hot yoga instructor is commenting on the heat.)

Topics of our talk included:  her yogic journey (in addition to regular instruction at the studio, she is a featured workshops leader around the city), the trouble with barbecue in Boston (when you are a Memphis native), and Jen’s acclaimed research on labor practices in the United States pertaining to obesity discrimination in women (she has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and many other popular and academic publications).

Jen’s Vanderbilt information and also her vitae.

Information about classes at Hot Yoga Plus.


So enjoyed this conversation.  As I might have predicted, I learned a lot.

To go directly to the podcast file, click here.

Also available in iTunes under The Attentionist podcast.

Episode 3 — Mom

On Sunday, June 21st, 2015, my mother and I sat down in the family home in Chesapeake, Virginia, and talked about some of my favorite stories she’d told over the years.  She kindly let me record a bit of her recollections.  I hope you enjoy this chance to hear my mother in her own words.


Here is the direct link to download the podcast if you so wish (right-click here, then click ‘Save link as’).


Episode 2 – Chris Boeskool and Geoff Little


Chris Boeskool was my guest.  He is one of Nashville’s finest bloggers – find him at www.theboeskool.com – where he weighs in with great sharpness and humor on a variety of issues and ideas.  Chris’ writing has been picked up and near and far, including regular appearances in the Huffington Post.

A true hyphenate, he’s doing it all.  During the school year Chris can be found at work in Davidson County’s public schools with the Kids On The Block component of the STARS program.  Meanwhile, he is forever crushing a couple shifts weekly as a server in one of Nashville’s best Italian restaurants.  He is also a devoted husband and proud father of three young children – two girls and a boy.

Do you not already love him?

Direct link to podcast audio file

Podcast is also in iTunes under The Attentionist

Chris’ Twitter handle is @theboeskool


Episode 1 – Doug Oliver and Geoff sit in Geoff’s kitchen in Nashville

It was a great pleasure to have Doug Oliver as my guest for this inaugural podcast.  See videos mentioned in the podcast here.

This video (link follows), too, is OUTSTANDING – produced by local FOX17 News:  http://www.fox17.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/Help-Man-with-Rare-Eye-Disease-to-See-and-Many-Others-134240.shtml

The Go Fund Me campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/myeyesneedu

Direct podcast link

Here is the iTunes link

Doug is also on Facebook.  If you’d like to see his profile and friend him, here is the link:


Doug Tweets via @douguglee

This podcast can be followed on Twitter at @theattentionist

Thank you.


Introduction – one minute audio preview

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